New Tax Client

Below are some items that you should bring with you for your

"New Client Tax" appointment (some may not apply).

Don't for get these items:

* 1099S Form - Sale of Real Estate - You will need to have the cost basis (purchase Price)

* Rental Income Info - income, expenses, original cost, and prior depreciation

* W-2G Form - for gambling winnings

* 1099-G Statement of Overpayment (this is the amount of last year's state refund which may be taxable)

* 1099-M Form - Self Employment Income: provide summary of income and expenses

* Estimated Inclome Tax Payments

* Qualified college tuition paid for each student

* 1098-Form - Student Loan Interest Paid

* 1098-Form Education Expenses from Qualified Institution

* Childcare Information: name of provider, address, social security number and amount paid

* Traditional IRA Contribution Amount

* Alimony Paid (we will need the social security number of the recipient)

* IRA, SEP, or Keogh (if you made a contribution, how much?)

* Medical Expenses (if exceeeding 7.5% of your adjusted gross income)

* Schedule K-1 from partnership, S-Corp, or Trust

* If you are filing a corporation in addition to your personal return please state this upon scheduling an appointment

* List of work expenses not reimbursed by your employer

* List of charitable expenses cash or non-cash