What To Bring:

What to Bring to your Appointment

Below are some items that you should bring with you for your tax appointment (some may not apply). Please download our organizer form(s). Fill in all your infomation and then print them out. Thank you.

NEW Tax Client and Client Tax Organizer and/or Businesss Tax Organizer

Items to Bring (needed)

* Last Year's Tax Return (required for new clients)

* Social Security Numbers and Birthdates (all individuals listed on the tax return)

* W-2 Form for all employees

* 1099-G Form - Unemployment Compensation (if you received unemployment compensation)

* 1099-R Form from Pension and annuity Disbursements (if you took money out of any IRA, pension, or life insurance contract)

* 1099-SA Form - Social Security/RR Benefits

* 1099-INT Form - Interest Income statements

* 1099-DIV Form - Dividend income statements

* 1099-B Form - Proceeds from stock transactions

* Please include cost price and dates when the stocks were purchased, sale price and dates of sale.

* Most 1099's will not include cost information, so please obtain this information from your broker before your appointment

* If there are multiple stocks, please bring summary tools

* 1099-Form - Mortgage Interest Statement (1098) contains mortgage interest, real estate tax and points paid.

* If real estate taxes are not paid through escrow please provide total amount

Items to Bring (other)

* 1099S Form - Sale of Real Estate - You will need to have the cost basis (purchase Price)

* Rental Income Info - income, expenses, original cost, and prior depreciation

* W-2G Form - for gambling winnings

* 1099-G Statement of Overpayment (this is the amount of last year's state refund which may be taxable)

* 1099-M Form - Self Employment Income: provide summary of income and expenses

* Estimated Inclome Tax Payments

* Qualified college tuition paid for each student

* 1098-Form - Student Loan Interest Paid

* 1098-Form Education Expenses from Qualified Institution

* Childcare Information: name of provider, address, social security number and amount paid

* Traditional IRA Contribution Amount

* Alimony Paid (we will need the social security number of the recipient)

* IRA, SEP, or Keogh (if you made a contribution, how much?)

* Medical Expenses (if exceeeding 7.5% of your adjusted gross income)

* Schedule K-1 from partnership, S-Corp, or Trust

* If you are filing a corporation in addition to your personal return please state this upon scheduling an appointment

* List of work expenses not reimbursed by your employer

* List of charitable expenses cash or non-cash